7th Memorial Gasshuku in the NETHERLANDS.

JKA Nederland is a small JKA federation located in The Netherlands. Every year they organize the JKA Nederland gasshuku, named Memorial stage.

A lot of JKA karate, in memory of the founder from JKA Nederland, Peter Wewengkang sensei.


This year JKA Nederland invited three top JKA WF headquarters instructors:

Okuma sensei, Shimizu sensei, Kurihara sensei.


Together with JKA Europe sensei Sawada and the responsible sensei of JKA Nederland, Ramon Wewengkang (chiefinstructor) and Tamara Wewengkang the Japanese instructors made a great JKA karate weekend in Beek- The Netherlands.


Okuma sensei started the weekend on Friday (30/11) with kihon and basics from kata tekki shodan. At the same time Kurihara sensei and Shimizu sensei were teaching the brown belts and shodan karateka.


Because of the growing participants the  rest of the seminar (1 & 2/ 12) was held in the sporthal de Haamen in Beek. Saturday and Sunday over 275 people joined the classes. JKA Nederland is very proud, because this event is growing every year.

People from France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy, Poland and Russia came to visit this seminar and slowly it grows to an international seminar.


In the Netherlands we also promote and motivate people with disabilities to join our activities. The JKA instructors gave attention to this group of participants, which we, the board of JKA Nederland, really appreciated.


JKA Nederland is proud and honored to host this event. We are allready preparing next years edition!


Check also the websit of JKA World Federation.



Tamara Wewengkang

Vice president of JKA NEDERLAND




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