9th Memorial Stage Peter Wewengkang

De 9e memorial stage van JKA NEDERLAND in Maastricht


JKA Nederland is a small JKA federation located in The Netherlands. Every year they organize the JKA Nederland gasshuku, named Memorial stage.

A lot of JKA karate, in memory of the founder from JKA Nederland, Peter Wewengkang sensei.Dear karateka,

On behalf of JKA Nederland, we are very proud to announce an unforgettable event again; our 9th Gasshuku JKA Nederland Memorial of Peter Wewengkang Sensei on November 27th.

In the same sentence we also would like to express that due to this COVID-19 pandemic we surely have missed this and last year's the presence and expertise of JKA HQ instructors.

Let's take this opportunity to gather together and just train.....and  make  some new memories again.

This year our line up of top JKA Europe's finest instructors will be:

Ohta Sensei       7th dan JKA
Sawada Sensei 7th dan JKA

JKA Nederland:

Ramon Wewengkang Sensei 6th dan JKA
Tamara Wewengkang Sensei 5th dan JKA

It will be an unforgettable weekend……That's for sure!

Location: Sporthal Daalhof,
               Veldwezeltstraat 27
               6215 JC  Maastricht


Put on your agenda and book your hotels now! Need any help let us know. Feel welcome to join us. Thanks for sharing!

People from France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy, Poland and Russia came to visit this seminar and slowly it grows to an international seminar.

In the Netherlands we also promote and motivate people with disabilities to join our activities. The JKA instructors gave attention to this group of participants, which we, the board of JKA Nederland, really appreciated.


JKA Nederland is proud and honored to host this event. We are allready preparing next years edition!




Tamara Wewengkang

Vice president of JKA NEDERLAND